Saint Hoax: The PoPlitically Incorrect Artist

January 05, 2017 3:00 PM

Saint Hoax is an artist who comes out of Syria and has a limitless mind of his own. He is very well known for his politically (or nonpolitically) correct oil paintings, lenticular and digital prints. In addition to his play on politics, he also takes a very important stance on social awareness. He uses his paintings and prints to push buttons, create a buzz and educate on real life problems that may go unnoticed to some. His paintings are known to be very controversial which always sparks conversation all over the world. Previously, he has painted Disney characters in very non traditional ways and ties them to issues that are going on across the world. For example, he depicts the Disney characters dealing with anorexia and domestic violence.

Having worked on both solo exhibitions and group exhibitions, let’s just say, “BUSY” is an understatement. Dating back to 2014, Saint Hoax completed his first group exhibition which was at the Beirut Art Fair in the Plastik gallery. Directly following the Beirut Art Fair, he managed to find time to complete his second group exhibition at the Singapore Art Fair in The Adler Subhashok Gallery. The following year in 2015, Hoax landed his third group exhibition. This time around, it was state-side in Palm Beach Florida, at the Art Palm Beach in The Adler Subhashok Gallery. After completing his third group exhibition in Florida, Hoax booked his first ever solo exhibition in Bangkok. His first ever solo exhibition was titled PoPlitically Incorrect where he featured a satire on popular icons and transformed them into the unimaginable. Hoax’s first solo exhibition was very successful and is still creating quite the buzz today. This year he has landed his second solo exhibition in New York City! His second solo exhibition is called Is That All There Is” which is on display at the Guy Hepner gallery in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan. While you're there you’ll be able to find pieces from his PoPlitically Incorrect collection as well.

Saint Hoax has had a very successful career thus far and doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime in the near future. Follow Saint Hoax on social media so you can stay in the know of his upcoming work. You will also be able to check out his previous works of art and see what he has done in the past. While you’re waiting for his unreleased artwork it’s always good to refresh your memory of his past work. Whether you’re in the mood for his political satire side (War Drags You Out, Anti-Trump) or his social awareness side (Princest Diaries, Happy Never After, Once Upon A War) both will keep you on your toes and full of anticipation for upcoming artwork by the PoPlitically Incorrect Saint Hoax. 





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