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FASHION STORY “Sunday Morning” is now available!

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Sunday Morning

There’s the anxiety-riddled reflection singed into Sunday morning that requires her to examine the triumphs and failures of the week. Moments where she was so lost in that novel that she forgot to let the passengers off the train. An exchange with a colleague where she said something a touch too narcissistic. And how she made up for that social awkwardness by helping that mother up the steps with her stroller, clinging onto that moment until the next one came, because moments like those are scarce. Then she realized it was Friday. Saturday came and went, and suddenly, she found herself brooding in her sun-filled apartment on Sunday. But brooding about how she’d be a better human being next week was only part of how she felt that day.

Brooding. It returns, though. It’s inertia that comes into being of its own accord and is the foundation of Sunday’s mood. It’s a spell that entraps her in a seamless loop where she’s sitting in front of the window, absorbing the nostalgia of the day and wondering why she finds herself in this same spot, Sunday after Sunday, as if bustling around the city and the art she made hadn’t moved her an inch—as if it’s not enough to move her. Lifting that stroller up and out of the subway might have been enough to help her figure out how she needed to wear the shirt for the outfit to work, but it still left her alone in the apartment, staring thoughtfully at the polished wood floor, filled with melancholy, wondering why it took lifting a stroller to figure out the shirt’s mystery. It’s not a defeat, it’s the feeling of hope, tinted with caution, that Miles Davis captures in “Portia.”

Sunday mornings remind her that she exists. And she feels every joule of that existence, charged and ready to burst. She doesn’t know what to do with it, though, because she thought she’d spent it all contributing to the buzz and excitement of the weekend. There was the happiness of Friday’s arrival and the accent put on everything she did because there’s awareness of the end of the week. And there was the opportunity that is Saturday, where energy, comfort, and release mesh to create an atmosphere that’s a reminder of how alive she is. There’s music and poetry, and a hum in the air that makes colors vivid, and sounds morphed to high fidelity. Then it fades. Volumes are muted, contrast is lowered, and colors watch their saturation dry up. She’s suddenly aware of herself, the serenity of her surroundings, silence is loud, and, with a full week ahead, there’s an opportunity to start again.

Like the caress that maintains hope in “Portia,” Sunday’s anxiety, loneliness, and melancholy move her to maintain a sense of self, an expression of self, which comes for her through style. She’s aware of the shape of her body, and knows the jacket that has the cut that will match how deeply she reflects on the week. More prominent would be the color, and how they’re contrasted with each other, reminding the world of her attitude, what’s unapologetically her. And there’s how it all comes together, a combination that reminds her what creating means to her.

It’s the artistic process that moves freely in her soul. It’s just that, on Sunday morning, its shifting and growing is more tangible than usual; art at its most beautiful, enlightenment about herself, her world.




WRITTEN BY Jéan-Claude Quintyne












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