SCHIELD Fall/Winter 2015-16

August 17, 2015 10:00 AM

SCHIELD, an avant-garde jewelry line, holds a new concept of an art, fashion, and photography project featuring Florence based designer Roberto Ferlito and photographer Diego Diaz Marin. These creative minds have created breathtaking designs illustrating every collection of an eye-catching campaign. 

The fashion designer Roberto Ferlito has amazed the fashion world with his designs. His honed sense of style and empathy for all things chic and sensual have hypnotized and captivated us with the beauty of his designs. Roberto has established himself in his original use of symbolic illusion of silhouettes and natural paradigms. His passion for accessories and love of design blossomed when he was working for various high-end brands. The philosophy behind SCHIELD is creating designs where femininity, madness, humor, luxury, and elegance all collide into original masterpieces. Roberto has broken rules of traditional design with his exceptional eye for the unique beauty in jewelry. For instance, the designer created the “Lucky Tit” good luck charm – breaking away from the traditional concept of good luck charms.

Photographer, Diego Diaz Marin, born and raised in Malaga, Spain, whose professional background flourished in Florence, where his editorials amazed the fashion world with hyper saturated images of fashion models adorned over blazing surfaces, theatrical lighting, dramatically graphic composition, and vividness. His recent projects included advertising campaigns for brands such as Roberto Cavalli and covers of major magazines such as Harper's Bazaar.

Despite his wild success in the industry, Marin has never studied photography formally and attributes much of his learning to his childhood years of experimentation with Photoshop and his camera. Marin launched his professional career with SCHIELD in 2009 and views his passion for photography as imperceptible.

The identity of the brand finds its roots in master craftsmanship, cutting edge design, and the use of the highest quality materials that Italy produces. The jewels are designed, sculpted, and finished as if they were high jewelry products or pieces of art. Each piece is handmade by Italian artisans who use precious materials to create SCHIELD’s special styles.

SCHIELD has created ten unique lines for pre-fall 2015/2016. Every collection has a specific point of view and special elements. For example the “Brackets” line was inspired by the human body and in this collection the designer has chosen to use teeth entrapped in a jeweled bracket. Taking great care of every detail, “Brackets” is a cool and unexpected line, with golden teeth lightened up by crystals in silver shades and multicolor Swarovski elements. The “Cybor Flowers” line was inspired by a natural yet robotic world. The protagonist of the “Cybor Flowers” line is a cascade of flowers and blossoms, with metallic colors brightened by Swarovski’s pave crystals in a silver shade. The pearl gives a romantic and feminine touch in this line, as it is inspired by a hyper-real world.

The “Cyborg” line is a set of earrings and rings inspired by a futuristic world in which the geometric and clear shapes become parts of a women’s body that wears them. The important feature of these earrings is that they are designed to be molded according to each ear. The “Stars” line was inspired by a fantasy world with a galaxy made of Swarovski crystals and pearls. There is also a little swallow that rests on a luxurious, tiny star, creating a romantic and unexpected collection. The “Anchor” line is traditional and old school but with a preciousness. It features a couple of swallows flying on a crystal Swarovski heart, framing a golden anchor. The coolest detail of this line is the two-toned metals with gold and silver. The “Cyborg Scorpion” line is also from the future where there are cybernetic scorpions that gave this collection its name. This sculptural line includes Swarovski pearls that give a more feminine look to the entire line. The human spine inspired the “Backbone” line. It is both aggressive and feminine at the same time and each anatomical element is enriched with a Swarovski Pearl. For the “Lucky Tit” line, as we mentioned before, SCHIELD changed the concept of the good luck charm. The “Little Star” line can be described as delicate, feminine, and glamorous with a rock’n’roll spirit. The “Swallow” line has been revisited in classic colors. The silver toned swallow carries a Swarovski pearl over a fine golden chain.

Check out these shots from the SCHIELD Collection Winter Campaign and see how Roberto Ferlito and Diego Diaz Marin created a winter collection that will keep you longing for more.












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