November 16, 2012 5:49 PM

This past Wednesday, TWELV and over 1,700 of our closest friends celebrated the launch of our Second Issue, “Transformation,” at Public Assembly in Brooklyn. We were treated to performances by bands Motive, Street Smells, and Slam Donohue.

Hot new Brooklyn-based band and TWELV favorite (they created the soundtrack for our video “A Woman is a Gentleman") Motive led the crowd in an impromptu rumba line, with guests showcasing their flexibility underneath an improvised limbo bar created by the knotted ties of band members Andrew McGovern and Nick Wold.

The party turned into one big dance fest with DJs Kei and Shin of 24 Hour Party People and DJ Agard providing music that kept the party rolling on late into the night.

We are immensely proud of our second issue, which celebrates artists unafraid of reinvention, always expanding their art to find new meaning. In “Fire and Ice” TWELV reconstructed the image of figure skater Johnny Weir by converting him into a painting evocative of Yayoi Kusama's iconic polka dots. TWELV also interviewed prince of punk, Jean-Paul Gaultier and hair god Luigi Murenu. Not to be outdone, Editor in Chief, Hissa Igarashi, contributed multiple editorials including a tribute to the late-night host and true original “Conan” and a futuristic vision in “Transformers.”

TWELV would like to thank everyone that attended the Issue 2 Launch Party and Sapporo for their generous support. Please visit our Facebook page to see additional event photos!

- Brendan O'Reilly

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