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IKEMEN (ē´k´mɛn): Japanese Slang



Occupation: Managing Director of The Metric (Gilded Lily, The Monarch Room, and The Wayfarer)

Origin: Boca Raton, FL


It's a chilly late afternoon and TWELV Magazine’s Executive Editor, Public Relations Director, and photographer step into one of New York’s finest restaurants, The Monarch Room. The two are awaiting the Metric’s managing director, Adam Spoont, while the bartender prepares for the night. Glasses lined in an orderly fashion glimmer against the light fixtures, and the faint smell of food preparation looms. However, TWELV did not host its most recent party in this room – instead, the party was taken downstairs into Gilded Lily. Gilded Lily, The Monarch Room’s nightclub counterpart, stands as the Metric’s latest project. Regardless of its youth, the club continues to host endless parties – one of which included Alexander Wang’s NYFW ’14 party.

Adam approaches the two with both hands occupied by his two phones that translates his busy lifestyle. After exchanging a few words and reminiscing of TWELV’s Spring party hosted at the space only a few weeks back, they head downstairs. The environment is quite different than last remembered – the empty room waits for the four to sit down and start the interview. Adam seats the three at the club’s “house table,” and the exchange commences.



1. Do you personally enjoy clubbing?

I get that question all the time. Do I enjoy it? I do, but I don’t enjoy it in the same way as somebody that comes to party does. I have the most fun when everyone else is having fun; and usually when everyone else is having fun, I’m working the hardest [laughs]. So when people ask me if I enjoy clubbing: yes and no. I love the scene, people, and everything about it, but I no longer see it as a party as much as I do a business. I see it as an opportunity to bring people together.


2. Do you enjoy yourself when you’re in the scene?

It depends – of course I have fun. If I’m not having fun, it becomes difficult for the people around you, the people who come for you, to also have fun. However, I don’t indulge in the scene the same way someone who’s coming to “party” does. I have a good time and let loose, but it’s always at a level where I’m in control. It’s all about balance.


3. Would you host a personal event here at the Gilded Lily or Monarch?

Oh, sure! Absolutely. We’re always hosting mini events throughout the night and inviting people, celebrities, and clients to the room. If you take that down even further, we have a house table where we put all of “our people.” If it expands, then it goes into the upper area [gestures to tables behind the DJ stand], or the “owner’s table.”

On a larger scale, we’re constantly hosting events for ourselves – not about us, but for the brand. We treat every night as an event: as the days go on we’re seeing who’s coming and who’s been invited. We’re inviting certain people on certain nights. We cultivate each night differently. But to answer your question: yes, we host on a nightly basis on a larger and smaller scale.


4. Have you always been interested in the big city nightlife scene?

I would say yes – nightlife has always been an interest to me. I moved here to attend NYU in 2002 and immediately got into the scene. Once I started studying nightlife on my personal time, I became enamored with its glamorous side and business component. However, it was the hospitality and social interactions that I found the most intriguing. I had the privilege to work with some of the biggest names in the business from the start, which enabled me to grow and learn.


5. Are you also invested in the music scene?

Yes, although I’m not the most musically inclined person, I know what I like and what I don’t like. I study and watch the trends in the music market, and have always paid close attention to it because it ultimately dictates the identity of a place. The ability to see around the corner is really vital to the club business. Anyone can open a club and play what’s trending – but what’s important is doing what’s next.


6. What are you listening to right now?

I listen to everything and don’t dislike any genre.  Right now I’m really liking the Knife, Holy Ghost!, and some Swedish bands. I’m also a big fan of the more mainstream hip-hop stuff like Kanye and Jay Z.


7. Who is an artist you have always wanted to hang out with?

Someone I would really love to hang out with is Jimmy Hendrix – do I need to explain? He’s Jimmy Hendrix: a barrier breaking guitarist and a man of the party.


8. How would you classify your fashion style?

My style is mixed. It’s important to have a balanced wardrobe and not just a single style. I like doing a little downtown with a little uptown. For example, I’ll pair something cape-y and long with a vintage bowtie and skinny jeans. I like to mix and match the way I dress so I won’t be a hipster one night and a stockbroker the next. It’s mixing the right styles and making it your own.


9. Would you say it’s necessary to be fashion conscious in the nightlife industry?

Absolutely. Because of New York’s huge nightlife scene, you have to constantly upgrade your wardrobe. On top of that, we dictate what our brand is. We constantly evolve as the trends do to make sure we’re on top of the game. Dressing the part is important.


10. Do you have a favorite designer?

I’m a big fan of Phillip Lim, John Varvatos, Public School, and Rick Owens. However, it’s not always about the brand as it is about the product. I’m all for something if it looks good and the materials are quality, but we all know who our go-to’s are.


11. How does your daytime look differ from your night out look?

They’re very similar because of the business. We’re constantly meeting and engaging with people relevant to the night, so we have to dress appropriately and can’t always wear the same thing. However, I think I’m more comfortable during the day and more turned up at night. For example, I’m wearing this Prada black jacket right now, but tonight I’ll throw on this bowtie and switch the jacket for this amazing hooded vest. My outfits translate from daytime to nighttime but with tweaks.


12. Do you have any fashion tips for club-goers?

It’s important to look the part while retaining your own style. Being cognizant of trends essentially leads to being put together, because at the end of the day this nightlife scene is based on looks. It’s tough being part of a scene without looking the part.


13. What do you enjoy doing on your days off?

I get very few days off, but when I do, I like being outside since we’re so confined in this [club] space. I’m always in this [Chelsea] area, so it’s important for me to get out and walk around. I try seeing friends I don’t typically see as often, or staying in and watching a good movie.


14. Biggest passion?

My biggest passion is this project [Gilded Lily] – it’s so new. Outside of that, I’m a big health nut since our job can be so physically detrimental. I’m very health conscious – I try to make sure everything I eat is healthy!


15. Hobbies?

My lifestyle is my hobby – it’s 24/7 in the sense that you’re always working even outside the workspace. Whether or not I’m here [Gilded Lily/Monarch], I’m always talking to clients, organizing events, or something involving communication.


16. One thing about yourself that would surprise readers?

Probably that I’m from Boca Raton, Florida. A lot of people think I’m from New York or Los Angeles.


17. What is your most memorable experience from high school?

Graduating and knowing I was moving to New York City. I always wanted to be part of a bigger, sexier, and fast paced environment, and moving from the bubble of Boca Raton was far the most memorable.


18. What’s a day in the life for you?

[Laughs] I get up around 10, chug water, make coffee, shower, then I go off to the office. Once I’m in the office, it’s more preparing for the night and reviewing last night’s hits and misses, and where we can improve. But besides that, it’s a mixture of things – meeting with friends, doing walk-through for events, internally discussing about the future nights and how we should map them out, and constantly talking about how we can develop and cultivate the brand.


19. The ups and the downs?

There are a lot. Sometimes you think you have something or someone and then you lose it – whether it’s an event or an important person. There are always ups and downs in life, but if you surround yourself with the right people and stay positive, the ups will outweigh the downs.


20. How do you deal with the crazy nightlife style?

I counteract the long days by eating healthily and trying my best to exercise as much as possible [laughs].


21. Do you have any life-essential tips for our readers?

It’s important to discover your passions and see them through as early as possible. Whether it’s through internships or studying, getting your foot in the door is important. But for those who are uncertain and unsure of what they want to do – which is totally okay – staying the course and simply knowing will help your career pan out. It’s really about working hard and strategically while following what you love.



GILDED LILY: http://gildedlilynyc.com/

THE MONARCH ROOM: http://nymonarch.com/

THE WAYFERER: http://thewayfarernyc.com/







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