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JUDY CHOU – Fashion show host x Fashion blogger x Stylist


JUDY CHOU!A Taiwanese icon you can’t ignore!

JUDY CHOU has been a PR in fashion industry in Taiwan for many years, and now she is gotten more and more great attention in international fashion scene features her unique avant-garde style. JUDY CHOU had been reported by NYLON JAPAN for several times, meanwhile she is the host of a fashion TV show called “COOL TAIWAN” produced by TVB, which is the most influential TV company in Hong Kong. As well known as a fashion blogger, fashion columnist, illustrator and stylist, JUDY CHOU also has joined a lot of fashion photography and commercial.

With multiple identities, JUDY CHOU’s style is no rule, unisex with little bit sexy, cool but gorgeous, and high fashion mix street style makes her name as a fashion icon!  


BLOG: 潮流界的一位小姐

Instagram: @judychou0608


 --------------------JUDY's BLOG----------------------

Today’s outfit is a RUNWAY STYLE for Weekend Fever, which is a second hand market held at the outdoor square of Uni - Hankyu department store in Taipei, Taiwan!

I’m the last model walk on the scene for this Fever Show, so that’s why I prefer to wear much cooler than usual! 

Most of my items for this look are from “Pet Shops Girl”, which is my favorite Taiwanese clothing brand!

Call me b-i-a-a-a-t-c-h ~hahaha



Be a girl with a mind,

A bitch with an attitude,

A lady with class.

That's me! 


Clothing:Pet Shops Girl   (IG: @petshopsgirl)

Accessories:Pet Shops Girl  

Outwear:Screaming / Zlism   (IG: @screamingrisk / @zlism_by_zl) 

Sunglasses:Anna-Karin Karlsson   (IG: @annakarinkarlssoneyewear)

Shoes: UNIF   (IG: @unif)




-----------------JUDY's INTERVIEW-----------------


1. Tell us about your past working experience, and why do you choose to be a stylist and blogger?

Actually in the beginning my major was visual design, so I had worked in this industry for a while.

After that I changed to do marketing and event planning for a fancy club, room 18, which is a famous venue for taking place party. During this work, I’ve been more familiar with a lot of brands. I start to jump into fashion industry to be a PR, meanwhile I really like to share my company’s stuff on my Facebook and Instagram, also share clothing, shops and every wonderful things which I really love in my personal life, not for commercial, then more and more followers just come up, also makes me surprised though!   


2. What did you learn from your job?

Insistent and Passion.


3. What’s your mission in the fashion industry?

Sharing all wonderful things to everyone.


4. What is the best part of your current job?

Having a great collaboration of fashion photography with WIND SALON.


5. What does “fashion” mean to you?

Fashion is the antidote of my life.

I have a disease, with FASHION being the cure.


6. What inspires your styling?

Every kind of art, and also depends on my feeling of the day.


7. Describe your fashion faith in one sentence.

Dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.


8. What five words would describe you?

Odd / Unisex / Conflict / Idiot / Hysteric Virgin


9. What if there is no social media in your life, how would you express yourself?

I would express myself by my outfit everyday.


10. What is your greatest professional achievement?

Being the second Taiwanese cover star on a fashion Japanese magazine – an an.

The first Taiwanese who was on the cover is Takeshi Kaneshiro.


11. Who is your fashion icon?

Diana Vreeland.


12. What is your favorite brand and shops? Why?

Comme des Garçons and Dover street market.

I like their feature of dissymmetrical, avant-garde, and break the rule of normal clothing.


13. What do you like to do outside of work?

Running and watching B grade thriller movie.


14. What are your career goals in the future?

Having my own clothing brand and shop.



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