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Wen Lo grew up in a Taiwanese family under the constraints of a conservative father: a situation that could have easily stifled her fashion-centric dreams.  There was never any doubt in Lo’s heart, however, that she would one day become a fashion stylist.  Her passion for the sartorial arts began when she picked up her first Barbie Doll, and the rest is history.

Unwilling to submit to her disapproving father and eager to prove her talent and dedication, Lo applied for jobs at clothing stores and studied feverishly.  At the age of 18, she joined the Dorian modeling agency where she learned the power of body language and the importance of confidence in one’s own beauty.  She also did work with some fashion start-ups and developed her own online styling service.  After witnessing her tireless pursuit of her dream, Lo’s father decided to send her to New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology to pursue a degree in fashion styling.      

After graduating from FIT, Wen Lo got a job working as the beauty editor at a fashion magazine. Finally in her desired field and inspired by the magazine that she worked at, she started her own fashion blog, bringing her unique style to a base of eager followers. Her talent and dedication shined through in her writing, and she quickly drew attention from major brands wishing to have their products reviewed and featured. 

Never willing to settle, Wen Lo will soon be launching her next project: an online channel dedicated to showcasing street style.  “With enthusiasm and ambition, I intend to have a chance to challenge myself through my work,” Wen Lo says of her own work ethic. “No matter whether I succeed or fail in the future, I will keep working hard to achieve it!”  Wen Lo may have already achieved success, but this is only the beginning of her sure-to-be impressive career in the fashion industry.  


-----------------WEN LO's INTERVIEW-----------------


1.Tell us about yourself and where you live.

W: Hi I'm Wen Lo, I’m from Formosa (aka Taiwan) Taipei city, and I’m a

2. Can you tell us about your blog.

W: My blog is very simple, I share all the information that I adore and to
transform the new trend of fashion to my own styles.

3. What do you want to tell about readers.

W: The latest fashion doesn't always suit every one and every body figure, in
which the highest level in fashion is to remodel the fashion elements to
your own style .
Wear what you wear, don't let it wear you!

4. What made you describe to start blogging?

W: After working at a magazine company for a while, I discovered that I am
into writing, analyzing, and fashion research. At first, I was only posting
on my own social media platform, later on, I realized that I was gaining
attention from outside audience.
Through my friends' encouragement, I decided to leave my job and focus on
my blog.

5. Where do you find the inspiration for your blog and styling.

W: Through traveling, street arts, Instragram, Pinterest, and

6. What is your fashion rule you never break.

W: Don't let your outfits cover your own charm.

7. What does "fashion" mean to you.

W: "Fashion" is not just a pronoun to dress glamorously, however it is the
passion that the people who devoted to it!
It is an art, a culture, a trend, an attitude of life, and it's my ultimate
goal, no matter whether I would succeed or fail in the future, I will keep
on working hard to achieve it!

8. What is the best part of your job?

W: The opportunity to receive the latest fashion trend informations,
invitations to parties, and to dress nicely. As well as, the chance to
challenge myself and work with people that have the same vision as I have.

9. What's your mission in the fashion industry?

W: To let people understand that fashion is not something shallow but it is an
attitude and quality for life.

10. What 5 words would describe you.

W: Initiative, positive, friendly, elegant, and passionate.

11. What is your greatest professional achievement?

W: My next work would always be the greatest.

12. Who is your fashion icon?

W: Erykah Badu ,Leandra Medine

13. What is your favorite designer and place to shop?

W: My favorite shop to go is Dazzlin Flag Ship and Breeze Center at Taipei,

14. Where would you like to go to do shoot?

W: West Village is my favorite shooting spot in New York City, as for in
Taipei, FuJin Street is my favorite.

15. How do you describe the fashion scene in Taiwan.

W: Due to the influence of Korean drama and k-pop in Taiwan, many young people
like to dress Korean style outfits. Others also like to follow celebrities'
styles, probably because they believe there is a guarantee for the quality
of the clothes they wear.

16. What are your career goals in the future.

W: I hope I could become some one who can influence the fashion industry and
also have my own brand with my own store. I would also like to design my
store by displaying the clothes and accessories that I love and the most
important of all is to have two assistants!





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