February 18, 2018 10:00 AM

Sarah Nait proffers the quintessence of nonchalant Parisian style, and do not fear, her Instagram isn't plagued with unabashed product placements and fashion gimmicks. Rather, she tastefully disperses art and photography amongst her personal style highlights. TWELV sat down with the young tastemaker to discuss a day-in-the-life, her sanguine thoughts on the recently vacated designer posts in Paris, and her most highly antipicated shows for Fall-Winter 2018:


Tell us about yourself! What do you do? Where are you from?

I am a french digital content creator based in Paris. 

What motivated you to start blogging?

I always wanted to have my own platform to explore my creativity and blogging was the best option.

What’s the overall concept of your blog or the message you hope to convey? 

I want it to be a vector of fashion and culture but most of all of personal expression. 

What does an average day look like for you?

There’s actually two kind of days. Business-oriented days– emails, meetings, and paperwork– and more creative days– shootings, styling, and research.

When you’re not working, where can you most likely be found?

In a museum, a library or painting at home.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Show the world who you are by establishing your own identity.

If you were to live outside of Paris, in which city would you like to live?

London. I’ve always been fascinated by the British lifestyle.

How has Instagram changed the blogging world for you?

Instagram was a stepping stone. It gave me more visibility, but it also gave me a new perspective on how I create and share content. 

Do you feel pressure to constantly show new style?

Not at all. My only obsession is to create timeless looks and stay true to my signature style. I favour quality over quantity. The fact that I don’t follow trends and that I choose really carefully the brands I collaborate with gives a lot of freedom.

What fashion purchase would you consider your biggest splurge?

A Tom Ford cocktail dress.

Is there a designer whom you didn't like in the past, but that you are fond of now?

Honestly none. I’ve been admiring the same designers work for years and have been disliking some designers work for years as well… 

Are you interested in men’s fashion as well?

My style is very androgynous. I take most of my inspiration from men’s apparel.  

Do you have a favorite male fashion icon?

Al Pacino, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards to name few. 

Is there an emerging brand whose debut you’re excited to see at the upcoming fashion weeks?

Uma Wang in one of my Coup de Coeur. I love how luxurious fabrics are the center of her creations. Definitely the designer to watch at PFW in my opinion.

There have been several interesting changes in Paris, such as Kim Jones parting from Louis Vuitton and Hedi Slimane taking up Phoebe Philo’s abandoned seat at Céline. Do you have thoughts on any of these adjustments?

 I think that designers like Phoebe and Kim leaving at the apogee of their art is great. It makes their work iconic and leaves the customers a little bit frustrated, which is always better than bored. I am a huge fan of Hedi Slimane’s aesthetic, so I can’t wait to see where he will take the brand. The imagery will be very interesting, I am sure.  

Do you have any exciting upcoming projects you can tell us about?

Plenty! But unfortunately, I can’t talk about them yet…


Visit Sarah's blog at, and her Instagram, @Sarah_nait.






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