November 22, 2013 2:17 PM


AGENCY: Trump in New York, Next in Canada, LA and Paris, Priscilla's in Sydney and M4 in Germany 



Where are you from and what is your name: 

Hello! My name is Jade Tenholder I was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada.


How were you scouted to model: 

I was actually scouted twice by the same guy, first in a mall in Toronto and the second time on Queen street also in Toronto. I went to university for fashion design and was heading to the fabric district for supplies, which is also in the same area as most of the agencies. He stopped me and asked me to follow him to meet the rest of the agency (which is in a building with one of the sketchiest elevators ever), luckily Corey has a very sincere demeanor! I met the rest of the team and was sold.


Which agencies are you associated with: 

I'm with Next in Canada, LA and Paris, Trump in New York, Priscilla's in Sydney and M4 in Germany 


What are the challenges you have experienced during your modeling career

Keeping my measurements in check was probably my biggest road block. When I was scouted I wasn't at the right measurements and with naturally wider hips it was a bit of a struggle. But for the past year and a half or so I've really made modeling a priority and modified my lifestyle and have been maintaining my body in healthy way.


What do you love about the industry: 

Traveling and meeting new people all the time is an obvious one but I love the feeling after a shoot when I've delivered and exceeded expectations and made the whole team happy. The gratification knowing I'm good at what I do.


Favorite designer: 

I got to rep Canadian designers so I'm going to have to say VAWK is one beautiful brand and Sunny's dresses always blow me away. I love going for castings in his cute apartment downtown with him and my friends from University slaving away making these beautiful creations. And he's such a sweetheart! But to name a  big one I would say McQueen. He was my inspiration.


What would you tell anyone who want to discover modeling…advice to break it in the industry: 

Patience! Modeling is a whole lot of waiting from castings to getting the tears to getting paid and it can all be frustrating but if you are persistent and don't let it get to you, you can go far.


Who is your role model: 

I have a huge girl crush on Gwen Stefani, really I wish I could be her. Her music, her style, her lyrics, she a feminine rock and roll queen in my book.


Personal style

1970's and it  depends on the day, a little boho, a little punk, a little hippie.


Currently coveting:

Do you know what a Pomsky is? Half Pomeranian, half husky.. A husky puppy for life. I need one.


Upcoming projects:

I just shot the Campaign for Clarins and am shooting the video portion in South Africa in a couple weeks! Very exciting.


Workout regimen: 

I walk A LOT and very fast. I once made it from 5th and bowery to 38th and 2nd in 22 min. I also have a little routine I do at home to keep toned as well as yoga of course.


How do you balance everything: 

I have a great support team my agents and my wonderful boyfriend (who travels with me) keeps all the craziness under control.


 Where do you see yourself in 5 years: 

I love music and for the past year have been working on songwriting and would love to have music involved in my career but really just going with the flow and keep pushing my modeling and hopefully something comes of it! 


What is something you are unable to live without: 

I mentioned my wonderful boyfriend. He really helps me in every aspect of life. We're a great team and complement each other's lives so well.


What is something everyone does not know about you: 

When I'm done modeling, I want a giant back tattoo. It's a tree with a trunk up the side of my back with roots going down my butt and branches across my back. The roots and branches will curve into vague symbols. The roots into people and things that helped me become who I am and root me, the branches into important events or periods in my life. The branches will continue to grow as I do.







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