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AGENCY: Elite NY, Stars SF and Base in South Africa


BIANCA - New York's West Coast Star

Where are you from and what is your name:

My name is Bianca and I’m from San Francisco.

How were you scouted to model:

George Lucas sent me to Stars Agency in San Francisco and they eventually sent me to New York.

Which agencies are you associated with:

Besides Stars, I recently signed with Elite NY and Base in South Africa.

What are the challenges you have experienced during your modeling career :

I’ve been very fortunate in my career so far but there definitely is a deficit in diversity. Casting for runway is the number one culprit. How can a designer or agency be considered fashion- forward when all of their models look the same? A token African or Asian model in the lineup is not diversity. It’s just trendy. Since I look ethnically ambiguous--I’m Russian, German, and Black, it’s not that easy to place me in a particular category. That challenge has also been my strength. I’ve worked in unexpected places like Singapore and Indonesia and booked commercials that range from playing an Italian supermodel to the love interest for a Levi’s ad aired in Mexico.

What do you love about the industry:

I’ve had the opportunity to work with insanely creative people like David Fincher, Rhianna and the late Ross Burton. I’ve also met some of my closet friends through the industry including my fiance.

Favorite designer:

Ron Shamask. He’s a true artist, wonderful person and has a great sense of humor.

What would you tell anyone who want to discover modeling...advice to break it in the industry:

Don’t forget to smile. Look at Coco Rocha and Adriana Lima. They’re always smiling from ear to ear and it’s genuine. I’ve booked jobs because clients said I bring good energy into the room.

Who is your role model:

My family. My great-grandmother was a rebel rouser who rode motorcycles well into her late eighties and is the first black woman to join a Harley Davidson club. My grandpa is a published poet and also continues to write in his eighties. My mom surprised everyone when she ditched modeling for law school and became an immigration attorney. I’ve definitely inherited my family’s eccentricity. 

Personal style:

Sexy and effortless. Narcisco Rodriguez and Ralph Lauren. Currently coveting: My beautiful engagement ring.

Upcoming projects:

I wish I could tell you but I’m not allowed to say just yet. I’m definitely looking forward to modeling in South Africa and reading for an upcoming pilot in LA.

Workout regimen:

Bikram nourishes my body and soul but so does a great night out dancing in stilettos. How do you balance everything: I count my blessings.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years:

On set. I love acting and filmmaking. 

What is something you are unable to live without:

Love, including family & friends, beautiful places & music, warm weather & bikinis, black lingerie, chocolate drizzled popcorn, lobster rolls, and action movies. 

What is something everyone does not know about you:

If I told you that then it wouldn’t be a secret...








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