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AVALON - The International Superwoman

Where are you from and what is your name: 

I am Avalon and I was born in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

How were you scouted to model: 

I met an amazing photographer on the beach in front of my house in Florida- while I was in my pajamas!

Which agencies are you associated with: 

IMG Worldwide

What are the challenges you have experienced during your modeling career: 

Challenges…  I really can't complain!  I have been so lucky in my career so far.  One of the biggest challenges would definitely be the last minute nature of the industry.  It can be unnerving to have no idea what tomorrow will bring until 6 o'clock the night before.  So everything in my life is last minute- I didn't even get my Australian Visa approved until the day before I was supposed to leave, so I had less than 24 hours official notice for a 6 week trip!

What do you love about the industry: 

The people, the clothes, the whole process!  I love the excitement of being on set when everything starts to come together, and I especially love location shoots- they're even more chaotic and exciting!  My favorite are the shoots that are weird and different, like the time I was shooting in a field in the middle of Corsica surrounded by wild boar while it was pouring down rain. 

Favorite designer: 

Karl Lagerfeld

What would you tell anyone who want to discover modeling…advice to break it in the industry:

I would say the best advice is to be patient but I am horrible at that!  So I would have to say never be late.  Being on time is so difficult and so important - when you get to a casting or job on time everyone really appreciates it. 

Who is your role model: 

My Mom, who is just the most beautiful and  amazing woman ever! 

Personal style:

Whatever I'm feeling at the moment, I'm not scared of 'too much'.  In a word, Whimsical.

Currently coveting:

London, Paris, true love.

Upcoming projects:

Right now I'm taking online college courses so I can get my degree while working at the same time.  As for everything else, I would tell you if I knew!

Workout regimen: 

I do everything.  I was a ballerina for years, but scheduled classes in the city are too hard to keep up regularly.  So I just make sure to work out every day, running, pilates, yoga, boxing, just whatever classes are happening when I have a free hour or two.

How do you balance everything: 

By not taking myself too seriously.  It's so easy to let life get super stressful, so I just try to laugh a lot.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years: 

Happy.  That's all I've got right now, ask me in 4 years and 364 days and then maybe I can tell you!

What is something you are unable to live without:

My family, coffee, Diet Coke, New York.

What is something everyone does not know about you: 

Never been kissed.  Ever.








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