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This past May I celebrated my 17th birthday, got my very first car, and moved to New York City all alone. It is easy to say it's been quite an eventful few months. I was absolutely terrified when I realized I would be living in a models' apartment in New York City with no friends, working in a very competitive and intimidating industry, and that I was going to have to cook all my meals by myself. My specialties are PB&J's and turkey sandwiches, I know I should write a cookbook right? I moved in June 6th, made my first friend on June 8th, and met my best friend by June 12. I can honestly say the relief I felt, when I met those two girls whom I instantly clicked with, was unreal.

We've spent an unruly summer being crazy teenagers, and laughing so hard we decided to skip the ab workouts. We've taken day trips to Coney Island and Long Beach, explored the city forwards and backwards, and sampled every ice cream place in sight. We've gone to barbeques and rooftop parties, seen a million movies and even seen Cody Simpson in concert. I can't explain how many amazing memories I have made this summer, and how crazy it is that in two weeks I'll be returning to St. Louis, Missouri to finish my last year of high school.

Spending a summer here was one of the best decisions I've made, and I can honestly say that I don't regret one thing. Although, I missed the summer before my senior year at home, missed out on some fun concerts with my friends, and had to ditch some fun road tripping, I had the most amazing summer of all. I met people I'll never forget, and had experiences I wouldn't trade for the world. A summer in New York was exactly what I needed, a summer away with the most amazing friends. I couldn't have asked for a better ending to my high school career and the best start to my modeling one. 



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