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One day in Seattle. 

I was very excited about my upcoming job in Seattle. I was a bit worried since I had to fly six hours for one day job and then come back to NYC right away.

On the road from Seattle airport, I saw the city full of contrasts. The view of mountains and forests opened up to me initially, later my eyes were catching the panoramic view of the magnificent megalopolis. My model mission on that day was to shoot for the company called Nordstrom. I have worked with this company in NY, but this was the first time for me in Seattle, so I was extremely excited. I got to the hotel in the evening and went straight to bed — I had to save some energy, get some rest and look fresh - I had a very responsible day ahead.

In the morning the driver picked me up from the hotel. The Nordstrom building has lots of studios, everything is super organized, everyone works non-stop. My work day started with the hair and make up as usual. The team I was working with was professionals of their crafts! It’s the best thing to work with the people who have passion for their job. The shooting went in an easy-going atmosphere, all the people involved were friendly and we all had fun while working together. Best team, and I really enjoyed the shoot. I even had some cookie breaks in between!

When the shooting was done, luckily I still had a couple free hours before my flight. The weather was very nice and sunny so I went for a walk around the city. On the advice of people from my team, I went straight to the famous Pike Market. It's quite an interesting place, where you can find literally anything! Tons of amazing restaurants and funky bars were there inside of brick walls and modern buildings. Pike Market has a lot fresh seafood, so for dinner I ate the delicious oysters — they were really yammy!! I have also discovered that the very first Starbucks coffee shop built in 1971 was located in this market. I felt obliged to try a cup of cappuccino in a place where the worldwide known coffee brand originated in. From there I went to a nearby park to enjoy a beautiful sunset. 
My time in Seattle was coming to an end. Time to go home.
When I got to the airport, unexpectedly they told me that there were no free seats on my plane which was very weird... But it turned out to be a misunderstanding and as a solution I got the lucky ticket — business class seat! What a pleasant surprise on top of such a joyful day!
Now, ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seats belts. NYC is waiting!

After all it turned out to be a very pleasant trip and a beautiful shooting. Very happy to have worked with new people, and seeing a nice lovely city in United States — Seattle!




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