TWELV Diary #21: Frances Mcbain

August 26, 2014 4:46 PM





English elf lost in New York.

Being a new face within the modelling world is tough. Before I was scouted by my first agency I used to flick through high fashion magazines and be under the impression that modelling was easy, glamorous and an overnight success. The phrase “a lot to do with modelling is how much shit you can take” is a total understatement.  Modelling requires stamina and patience- working long hours and being prepared for disappointments. 

However with that, Modelling can be one of the most incredible opportunities to travel, meet new people and explore new cities and cultures. To reap the benefits of these opportunities can be gruelling and challenging.

I was lucky enough to have this opportunity this year when I was put forward by my London Agency to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to NYC and experience my first NYFW with one of their partner agencies. As a model I had never travelled to another country before through work and so this brought a totally new experience to the table.

When I arrived I could definitely see why New York was one of the capitals of impressionism- chaotic, frenzied and something you can learn to admire. 

Crowds and crowds of people darted in every direction, hailing for taxis or screaming into their cell phones. I was standing in the centre of it all attempting to make it to call time without getting completely lost. Then, I would spot them with a sigh of relief- an army of girls would appear with long limbs, head to toe in black carrying a heavy black book in their arms. I would follow them, abandoning my map knowing that we were all heading to the same destination. 

Before I arrived to New York everyone warned me of the dangerous illusions of the American Dream, however, for me it lived up to being the land of opportunity. Living in New York City exposed me to the best shoots in my career and allowed me to meet and work with photographers and designers that are at the top of their field. Sharing life experiences and perspectives has opened my mind to a new way of thinking and living, which has helped me grow not only professionally, but also as an individual. 

I can’t wait to see what the future and my career will bring me. Let the adventure continue!




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