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1. Where are you from?

Philadelphia, PA

2. How were you discovered?

After I knew I wanted to be a model I self submitted to some agency and now I’m with EMG. But I’ve had people tell me I should give it a try along the way.

3. What is the most memorable shoot you've done?

My most memorable would probably be my very first test shoot as a model with @JoeMacCreative on instagram. It was very professional but also relaxed at the same time and I loved every photo that we made together.

4. Project you've most excited about working on next?

Well my biggest project at the moment is actually my own magazine business called Fulfilled Magazine so I’m excited to see where that will take me in the future.

5. Name a Designer or Publication you'd love to shoot for?

My dream job would be working for “Versace” or “Off White” definitely. In terms of publication it would be “AnOther Magazine” or “Out Magazine”.

6. Whats the best piece of advice you've been given?

“Don’t be in a rush to grow up” - My dad. 

7. Tips for jet lag from all that taravel you do?

Sleeping the entire day away.

8. Who is your style icon?

Alton Mason

9. Finish this sentence 'If I wasn't modelling I would be....'

I’d be going to school for 2d Animation.

10. What's one thing you must have in your bag on set?

It kinda counts as 2 but a sketchbook and pencil.

11. What are your 3 beauty hacks or essentials?

A good skin serum/ moisturizer/my afro pick

12. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off?

Work on my art and binge youtube videos.

13. What is your favorite food?

Definitely Chinese food

14. Mirror selfie or old school selfie?

Definitely old school, I never got mirror selfies down right.

15. You are a new addition to a crayon box, what colour would you be?

“Extraordinary Red”.

16. What book are you reading?

“You are a badass, How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life” - Jen sincero

17. What is your favorite genre of music?

R&B / Soul

18. Fashion has embraced digital. Do you use your social media to showcase your work or attract brands to work wih you?

Of course I do. I feel like that’s what most people do nowadays and is almost essential to grow in your field. I do however try to tell a story behind each post trying to make it as meaningful as possible.

19. Name a model you aspire to be like?

Once again, Alton Mason. I’ve been following his journey for a while now and watched him grow and it’s nothing but inspirational.

20. What advice would you give to someone looking to start modelling?

I would tell them what I did which is don’t wait to start once you realize it’s what you want. Start by doing your own photo shoots here and there until you get comfortable in front of a camera and if it's what you want, submit yourself to agencies. Not everyone has to be scouted. Sometimes you have to go for your goals yourself.



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