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Exclusive Interview/Fashion Story "MORGAN LANE" is now updated!

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Susan Schell: How would you describe your lingerie/sleepwear?

Morgan Lane: My collection is for the girl who’s idea of sexy is playful yet understated. She doesn’t want to feel intimated by what she is wearing. She is a collector of lingerie and appreciates each piece as a work of art.

SS: What initially drew you to designing intimates?

ML: I have always been in love with lingerie. The details, the lace, the closeness to your body - I love how personal it is; it’s clothing you can really connect with.

SS: What is your design aesthetic?

ML: I like to combine modern materials and trims with classic techniques and whimsical shapes. For example, the juxtaposition of the tiny heart embroidered silk scallop with the techy power net that I used for Holiday. I enjoy following the clean and simple but always adding my own special surprise. The basic stretch mesh group I did for Fall 2014 was one of my favorites because I created an everyday collection that had an element of luxury with the addition of gold elastic trim. 

SS: Can you describe your design process?

ML: I always start with the fabrics. I have a lot of experience with this from working with Jill Stuart for 5 years, so I like to use materials that people would not automatically think of for lingerie. This keeps it exciting and somewhat magical. Then I focus on a color palette and a theme - my theme for my upcoming Spring ’15 collection is the ballet. The dreamy sequences led me to some really cozy silhouettes and a truly angelic collection.


SS: What separates your line from other lingerie/sleepwear brands?

ML: I often find lingerie to either be too basic and girly or too sexy bondage. I like to think my brand is somewhere in the middle, for the girl who really loves fashion and wants everything she wears to be special from her earrings down to her panties. Each piece is a real treasure to appreciate and have fun with.

SS: What is your favorite piece of lingerie that you have designed?

ML: That’s tough, I wear it all! One of my most recent favorite pieces I designed is the gold and black striped Frankie bodysuit, which I am going to wear for Halloween as a bumble bee! I love how lingerie is becoming something external, that you can wear inside and outside of the house. This piece definitely illustrates that, it’s a tee shirt, a bodysuit, and a bit naughty all at the same time. I also think the fabric is super cool for lingerie. 

SS: You recently debuted your new short film called “Meet Lanie,” can you describe who Lanie is?

ML: Lanie is my brand’s muse. She was inspired by a series of doll oil paintings I did a few years ago. She represents my customer in a way that exemplifies how young women should be admired and their innocence and youth is what makes them titillating. 

SS: The film is very cute and cheeky, what inspired it?

ML: I wanted to make Lanie come alive. She can sometimes be misconstrued as a child, and I wanted everyone to see her as a young woman, the way she is meant to be understood. We were inspired by old Godard films and the fun colors of my Spring collection. A day at the beach where Lanie makes the men in her life feel adored, yet her heart belongs to her puppy Fabio. I wanted to introduce a bit of humor in the story line and Fabio was perfect for the part. 

SS: At the recent film viewing you kept guests more than entertained!

ML: With beautiful candies, popcorn, a photo booth, temporary tattoos, a gumball machine filled with sassy panties, delicious champagne, and of course the delightful film “Meet Lanie”, is everything you do this much fun?! Thank you! Yes! That is what the brand is all about, young women should never take themselves too seriously, they should enjoy every moment to the fullest. I have always loved putting the most special twists on anything that comes my way- and as the anniversary of this first fabulous year of Morgan Lane- it had to be the best celebration. 

SS: What is next for Morgan Lane - what can we look forward to seeing from you?

ML: I am introducing some really special gift items, candles, a cashmere travel set, and some really exciting collaborations- I love what I am doing and it is truly a dream come true!














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