July 14, 2016 10:00 AM

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren took a trip to the past to create an extraordinary new collection – all from previous collections.

Using select fabrics, long-standing techniques, and fresh materials, past seasons’ attire is altered into a new and dramatic clothing line. The hand-selected garments that are torn apart, are all handwoven together to create voluminous textures. The elaborate collage and weaving techniques in this collection exemplify the ideals of handmade haute couture.

While emphasizing the craftsmanship, the collection was also inspired by Dickens’ Vagabonds. Roaming the city with frayed attire and mismatched looks is where you’ll find these models. They travel from place to place, thinking they don’t belong anywhere, yet actually this fits perfectly into Viktor and Rolf’s vision. 

The starting point for each outfit was the reference to their own vintage pieces. From there, the designers embellished different looks with buttons, hardware, beads, and crystals. All of the embroideries are repurposed and organic, coming straight from Viktor and Rolf’s archive.

The past collections remain an icon as they are cautiously remade into a new project. Recycling isn’t just a goal, but a means of expression and creation. With mindful designing and a thoughtful attitude, anything can be transformed into a new light.








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