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IKEMEN (ē´k´mɛn): Japanese Slang


Hogan is an American fashion designer who is also talented in music and dance. His collaboration with heiress Daphne Guinness as his muse and producing pieces for Lady Gaga's "Born this Way Ball,” scintillated an outstanding recognition within the fashion community. He has since been profiled by various publications including The New York TimesWomen's Wear Daily, and Vogue. Now he is up-close and personal with TWELV.

Name: Hogan McLaughlin 

Origin: Chicago

Your passions: I’m an artist and designer by trade, so I’m lucky to be able to work with all of my passions- fantasy, music, history, travel, etc…- on a daily basis. 

If I weren’t me, I would be: Sad

Best trait about yourself; physically and mentally: I think mentally, I like that I try to keep an open mind and always be approachable and friendly to everyone. Physically?  Well I used to be a professional ballet dancer so I do like my feet.

First thing in the morning: Lately, I try to take a long run. 

Mealtime ritual: I have some wine, and then look through the fridge for things that are still edible. 

Something you´d never do or give for money: I’d never slander my family or friends. 

Have you experienced unrequited love, and what did you do about it: I don’t think so…maybe mild infatuations, but I’ve never lost sleep over anyone.

Dream date: A Comic-Con convention!

Favorite designer: I mostly wear Rick Owens, Damir Doma, and anything that has Hedi Slimane’s stamp on it, but I’m hugely inspired by John Galliano, Colleen Atwood, and Alexander McQueen (among many others). 

Favorite musician: That’s like choosing a favorite child!  I listen to a lot of punk, ambient, and metal, but I think my favorite band is a psych-folk group called Espers.

Favorite restaurant in NYC: Omen

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