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"Introducing a spirituality and integration of sustainable luxury designer"

Designer and actress BreeLayne, founder of her own brand BreeLayne, sought to create a visionary brand that reflects her own spirituality and love of the environment. Her creations embody using luxury recycled fabrics with an exacting focus on detail and wisdom and inner confidence. BreeLayne's Fall/Winter 2016 Collection explores the dark uncharted depths of the feminine mind inspired by bold women who dare to stand out. TWELV had the opportunity to delve deeper in to the mind of this creative designer.

Check out the interview and her F/W16 collection here! 



--------------- BREELAYNE'S INTERVIEW ---------------


1. What brought you to the transition from an actress to a designer for BreeLayne?

BreeLayne: It actually wasn’t really a transition for me, as I had been doing both all my life. They both are ways to express my artistry. I’d actually like to be doing more acting than I am now, but it’s really hard to manage both at this stage. That being said, I’m beyond grateful to have the opportunity to pursue both my dream professions.


2. What inspired you for this FW16 collection? What were some of the challenges of designing this collection?

BL: In my personal life, I was planning my wedding and was really immersed in my womanhood. I was so inspired by the sense of empowerment that came over me. It was a really beautiful time in my life when I was designing this collection, and I tried to integrate that into my work. The use of fabrics in this collection range from rather delicate and light to striking and bold. I thought the combination had a really beautiful dichotomy that also represented my own sense of self — as well as the other strong, daring women around me. We can all be so tender, yet at the same time, so powerful. This collection has a fully beaded jumpsuit, which required 100+ hours of work, so time became a challenge. We figured out a way to do it locally, which was another challenge as there are only a handful of artisans who still practice this level of beadwork in the Los Angeles area.


3. Femininity is inherent in the collection, what do you think is your most feminine quality? 

BL: I’m really attracted to beauty, in all its forms - and I find the idea of motherhood to be so inspiring. I’m a really nurturing person — for me, my dogs and my work are my babies. I think the two combine to radiate my own brand of femininity.


4. Where do you use the recycled fabrics in your collection this time?

BL: The majority of the collection is made from ‘recycled’ or pre-existing fabrics, which are used throughout the collection. My focus remains on the prevention of further pollution to the industry by cutting out the need for fabric manufacturing. We find as much pre-existing fabric as we possibly can in order to make a difference, one piece at a time.


5. What draws you to the nature and aesthetic of sustainable luxury?

BL: It’s hard to pinpoint just one thing. The entirety of it is incredibly important to me. People tend to label sustainable as something one dimensional, but it is so much more than that. The industry is becoming increasingly more aware of the harm of not partaking in the sustainable movement. There are so many things you can do while still having a sustainable focus, and especially in the luxury realm. It has popped up more and more in the mainstream — for example, the documentary called The True Cost about the impact of fast fashion on people all over the world.

Your clothing should be an expression of your individual beliefs, and for me that includes a belief of compassion toward the whole planet. I think by bringing compassion into the commercial aspect of the fashion industry, the intention of the brand’s real purpose is more fully realized. It’s simply a part of me, I’m such a nature lover and I need to be surrounded by it. So I have to respect nature while making my art. I think people feel better about themselves when they wear something that has been so thoroughly thought out.


6. What is an unforgettable experience in your life?

BL: Well, I got married this past July to my best friend, so that definitely was an unforgettable experience in my life. That day is still permeating vividly in my heart. I still have to pinch myself that it happened, because as much as we tried to take every moment in, it went by so quickly!


7. How do you spend your free time?

BL: What free time? HA! Honestly, I’m always working... I tend to be more inspired at night so the after office hours are spent at home researching and designing. I also spend a lot of time with my two dogs and husband, who are all the loves of my life. I love to travel whenever I get the chance, and love exploring and having/creating new experiences.


8. Who is your iconic muse?

BL: Oh goodness. That’s always a tough one. I’m really inspired by so many people. I absolutely LOVE Iris Apfel and Beatrix Ost. Their style is so inspirational to me and if I am half as stylish as they are when i’m their age, that would be everything and more. They are the definition of “hashtag goals,” in my opinion. I love how fearless they are, it’s so refreshing. I also love Miroslava Duma, she always looks so effortlessly chic and on point. However, outside of the fashion world, my main inspiration right now is Emilia Clarke, aka Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones. She’s amazing!


9. Would you like to collaborate with other designers? If so, who would be your ideal partner?

BL: Absolutely! I would love to do a collaboration with Olympia Le Tan because her handbags bring me life. I love literally everything she does. It’s so funky and fresh. I could go on and on about designers I’d love to collaborate with one day.


10. What is your vision to bring the fashion industry into a new light? 

BL: I feel very lucky to be one of the pioneers on the forefront of sustainable luxury. People often associate sustainable clothing with very blasé designs, but it can be so much more than that. Sustainability is really a way of life. Not an aesthetic. I want to shift the industry’s and consumer’s perspective of what the eco movement really means. One of the other ways we’re doing this is by planting a tree with every purchase made. It’s a great way to give back to mother nature. I really want people to investigate the facts we know about how detrimental the industry can be to our environment and wellbeing. It is crucial that we start to shift our focus to the sustainable movement in order to prevent further damage to not only our environment, but our health and our food source. It’s my philosophy that if we feel good about the clothes we are wearing, where they come from and the intention behind them - we feel better about ourselves and work together to make the world we live in a better place. 


Facebook: @breelayneofficial

Instagram: @breelayneofficial

Twitter: @BreeLayneLuxury





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